Portrait: David Gordon

David Gordon

Born and raised in India, David Gordon is a stranger to the dark tragedies that lie hidden in his family’s…

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Portrait: Dr Farber

Dr Farber

As an outsider to the Gordon family and a firm opposer of the occult, Dr Farber tries to help David,…

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Portrait: John Gordon

John Gordon

Estranged from his son David, John has been researching the occult for most of his life, to avoid suffering the…

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Portrait: Lady Margaret

Lady Margaret

Devoted to her late husband and the history of the Gordon Family, Lady Gordon is sceptical whether David can be…

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Portrait: The Butler

The Butler

Mr McKinnon has worked as the family’s butler ever since he was a young man. His loyalty to Lady Margaret…

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Portrait: The Gardener

The Gardener

Old Rory is nearly blind and prefers to be left alone with his garden work. He knows more about the…

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Portrait: The Maid

The Maid

Miss Crannan is the only maid working in the house. She earns very little, given the dire financial situation of…

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Portrait: The Lawyer

The Lawyer

The family lawyer, a native of Edinburgh, who is fascinated by the Highlands and the complex history of the Gordon…

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Portrait: Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie

David’s cousin has spent most of his life at Black Mirror house, raised by Lady Margaret. Thus he considers himself…

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